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For more than 60 years, Flint Youth Theatre has been dedicated to working with young people, not only to develop their love for theatre, but also their awareness of themselves and what they can do when they harness their creativity. For over a decade, FYT Drama School has exemplified this philosophy by providing one-on-one instruction while helping the class build towards a collective performance.

Studies show that the benefits of theatre go much further than being entertained. Students who participate in theatre gain confidence, learn important communication skills and understand the value of creative thinking. Our students are challenged to think, act and reflect during all aspects of their training, which leads to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Each year, students across Mid-Michigan come to Drama School to learn, experience and develop a better understanding of the performing arts in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you have taken classes before or are just starting on your journey with us, we look forward to seeing you take the stage.

Welcome to Drama School!  
Samuel J. Richardson
Managing Director

Philosophy & Benefits

Flint Youth Theatre is committed to working with young actors to develop their creativity in performance and enhance their understanding of the world around them through the dynamic lens of the performing arts.

FYT Drama School classes will teach a student how to craft an effective performance onstage before an audience. There are many additional benefits to be derived from enrollment.

Confidence | Self-Expression | Improved Social Skills | Greater Empathy | Respect | Higher Academic Performance | Discipline | Sensitivity | Self-worth | Communication Skills | Expression | Teamwork | Responsibility

Drama School students learn more than just performance skills – they learn life skills!


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